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Black Dog/ไอ้หมาบ้าผ่าไฮเวย์นรก (มีเสียงไทย)

Format: DVD (3)
UPC: 8853351406364
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  • SRP (Baht) : 259.00
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  • Release Date : 14/01/2012
  • Genres : Action, Thriller
  • Aspect Ratio : Widescreen
  • Language : English 5.1 , Thai 5.1
  • Subtitles : English , Thai
  • Number of discs : 1
  • Rated : PG-13
  • Credits
    • Actors : Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, Charles Dutton, Meatloaf, Stephen Tobolowsky
    • Directors : Kevin Hooks
    • Studio : Universal Pictures
    • Run Time : 90 mins
    • Synopsis :
      A 40-ton truck is a lethal weapon and veteran driver Jack Crews knows how to use it. Desperate for cash, he's got one last delivery to make. The trip's barely begun when he and partner Earl discover they've been set up and are being chased by Red, a relentless fanatic who's as deadly as he is greedy. Now, with his family, his life and his freedom on the line, Jack's going to buckle up, put the pedal down and show Red and the Feds a thing or two about road rage. After being double-crossed and rudely underestimated, Jack and Earl shift gears, becoming a two-man wrecking crew, trucking down the highway blazing a trail of diesel-powered destruction.

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